My sister-in-law threatens to cut contact if I don’t stop buying my kids expensive clothes’

Two sisters-in-law have come to blows after one asked the other if she’d stop her teenage daughters from wearing designer clothes, as it was making her own kids jealous

Every parent wants to provide for their children to the best of their ability, so you can completely appreciate why parents who can afford to treat their kids would want to do so.

That’s absolutely fine, and to be quite honest, it’s no one else’s business how much money you spend on your own children, so long as they’re adequately being cared for.

So, you can imagine one mum’s frustration, when she was approached by her sister-in-law and asked not to buy her own daughters designer clothing, because she can’t afford to buy it for her own.

The mum and her husband, who work as a plastic surgeon and a neurosurgeon, met in medical school, before going on to marry and have two daughters, who are now 14 and 16. Of course, it goes without saying that with impressive careers like theirs, they earn a lot of money and are more than comfortable financially.

Her husband’s brother and his wife, however, are not well off financially, however she noted they’re not in any debt and do own a lovely family home.

“My daughters are very into fashion and I think they are very good at dressing up and making outfits. Since they both have very good grades and are well behaved, my husband and I like to take them shopping when we have the chance,” she explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

The mum explained that while she and her sister-in-law don’t have the best relationship, they are “cordial” with one another, and get along for the most part. However, things recently came to a head between the pair during a family dinner to celebrate their father-in-law’s birthday.

“My daughters were dressed formally since that’s what everyone agreed to. When my sister-in-law and her kids arrived, she stared at my daughters with a frown,” the mum continued.

“Later in the evening before dinner was served, she pulled me aside and asked me why did I allow my girls to wear those clothes. I asked her what she meant and she said that teenagers shouldn’t wear expensive clothing if they didn’t buy them with their own money.”

The mum went on to tell her that she didn’t see an issue with buying them the clothes, so long as they work for them in the form of getting good grades at school.

“She told me that it was not fair and that her kids always asked her to buy them stuff from the same brands. I asked her what I could do then, since honestly I don’t think its my problem. She said that I needed to stop buying them those clothes and everything would be fine,” the mum continued.

“I tried to politely tell her that I wouldn’t but she called for my mother-in-law and asked her for her opinion. My mother-in-law said that they had no business deciding what my daughters can wear and offered to buy some clothes from that brand for her kids. She started calling me a selfish brat and that I didn’t know what hard work is.

“I told her that my husband and I work our asses off everyday to be able to afford this stuff and that she was being entitled. She just cussed me out and went to the table to continue eating.”

The following day, the mum’s husband received a message from his brother, telling him that his wife had “acted like a b****,” demanding she apologise to his wife, as well as complying with their wishes of not allowing their daughters to wear designer clothes.

“Now, they are threatening to cut contact with us unless I apologise but my ego is too big to do so,” the mum explained, before turning to the people of Reddit for their unbiased views on the situation.

“Like you said, you work hard for your money and you can spend it like you wish. She can’t honestly expect everyone in life to act like they’re at her income level because she’s insecure about it,” one Reddit user commented.

“Her kids will inevitably see kids with nicer things at school, that’s just part of life. Her reaction was totally uncalled for. Do not apologise to her. Honestly going no contact sounds like a good idea.”

Meanwhile, another added: “The only way you could possibly be the a**hole is if your girls are bragging about what they have or being judgmental towards their cousins for having less than them. As long as this isn’t the case, which I doesn’t seem to be, you’re in the clear and it isn’t your job to manage your sister-in-law’s feelings.”