Inside abandoned time capsule home filled with VHS tapes and Top of the Pops records

Urban explorer Daniel Sims, who runs a YouTube channel, checked out the home in Shrewsbury, which was filled with hundreds of VHS tapes, and memorabilia from a bygone era

Eerie photographs give a look inside an abandoned time capsule home that has stood vacant and abandoned for 15 years.

The haunting images show the property frozen in time with hundreds of videos and memorabilia from the classic BBC show Top of the Pops.

The dilapidated home, in Shrewsbury, is littered with hundreds of Noughties artefacts – amongst traces of personal items, showing it was once a beloved family home.

Teenagers visiting the site might find themselves feeling as if they are in a bygone era – as the property is filled with items that most youngsters have likely never used.

YouTuber Daniel Sims, who runs a channel called Bearded Reality, has built up a reputation for his incredible videos of abandoned homes.

In his latest video, he visited the fascinating noughties home alongside fellow explorer Hannah.

Outside the property, it is clear that nature is steadily reclaiming the abandoned home, with trees growing where people once occupied the space.

But it is the incredible collection of personal items still scattered around the home that make the space incredible.

The former owner must have been a keen film fan, as the property is jam-packed with old videos – many of them relating to popular films and TV shows from the 90s.

More than 800 tapes litter the floors and the walls, as well as dozens of records – including Top of the Pops – and more.

Daniel believes the person may have been a historian, as print-outs of historical events are littered all around the property.

“At first, because it was quite remote, we were struggling to find a way to the place but once on the location everything was wide open windows had been smashed and the door was wide open,” Daniel, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said.

“There were so many interesting items left behind here; a collection of hidden bells in a room only accessible by a ladder, loads of coats and jackets hanging from the wooden ceiling like they were on display,” he added.

“There were also various souvenirs from other countries, which seemed to be handmade, then hundreds of old VHS tapes and records, and painted food pots, which was cool, with food still inside them.

“What I found interesting was the ornate storage unite with Chinese dragons so it seems the previous occupants were quite big collectors of different things.

“The place is known as the VHS house but after digging a little further I noticed there were quite a lot of historical notes and books littered around.

“This was something I picked up on as I studied history and used to do the same thing so I suggested the previous occupant was an amateur historian with a passion for collecting.”

In the kitchen, the cupboards weren’t completely bare, with tins of Asda Smart Price tins of Rice Pudding lining the shelves.

Not much is known about the former owners of the property or why the home is abandoned but Daniel and Hannah found a few clues to their identity.

One photo captures a couple embracing in surroundings similar to those around the house.

Daniel said: “Very little was to be found.

“We found some older photographs of the occupants and some other information about some items left there but no idea why this place was abandoned or left in this state.

“One thing I did notice is in a makeshift bedroom there were lots of used tins and TVs and things clustered together so it suggests that eventually only one person was here living an isolated life.”